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Baby Names

* Baby Place Bookstore
Check out our own collection of Baby Names Books. Feel free to browse!
* Baby Names
Baby names for boys and girls including name meanings and origins.
* Biblical Baby Name
A searchable database of over 2100 biblical names.
* Baby Names Origins
Baby names, origins and meanings of names from around the world.
* Baby Names From Around The World
Database of baby names from around the world.
* Babynology
Database of baby names; baby girl names, and baby boys names with meanings and name origin.
* Unique Baby Girl Names
Online database of baby girl names.
* Baby Boy Names
Online A to Z listing of baby boy names.
* Baby Boy and Girl Names
Online database of baby names and their meanings.
* Baby Names
Online resource of baby boy names and girl names, meanings and origins as well as a line of baby footprint kits.
* Cute Baby Names
Online selection of baby names, unique baby names, and rare baby names.
* Baby Name Guide
Online database of boy and girl baby names by categories, plus advance search and 100 top baby names.
* Baby Names @ BabyChatter.com
Online listing of baby names, meanings and origins as well as baby free stuff and coupons.
* American Nameday Calendar of First Names
Choice of baby names by day in order to celebrate not only the baby's birthday, but the nameday as well!
* Baby Names
Information on baby names including popular baby names, baby boy and girl names, name meanings, celebrity, biblical, cool, unique and original baby names, and more.
* Exotic Names
Source for unique names, researched in over 40 languages, with meanings and pronunciations.
* A Baby Name
This site offers the most popular baby names, baby name meanings, and more.