Britax Advocate Clicktight Review – How Safe Is This Car Seat? And Is It Worth The Price?

Nothing is more important for parents than the safety and comfort of their child. And there is no time when both of these are threatened more than when riding in an automobile. For this reason, parents seem always on the hunt for that perfect car seat which combines superior safety features and comfort. It’s no use when your child is safe but screaming because he or she is miserable. And what’s the point of comfort if their safety is at risk? You need both.

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Birth story: My 32-minute labor

One fine spring morning, heavily pregnant with baby #7, I got up to pee and noticed after a few moments that I was having contractions.


Not sure if this was the “real thing” or not, I crawled back into bed (time: 6:58 AM) and said to my DH, “Honey, I think I am in labor, but I am not 100% sure. I think I am just going to get in the shower, and we can head off to the hospital afterwards, should that become necessary.”

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How to play with your newborn

Playing with your newborn is great for his brain development! It’s also a fun way for everyone–brothers, sisters, grandparents–to bond with him (especially if you are exclusively breastfeeding and they can’t help out on the feeding front 🙂 ).

TIP: Your baby does not see too well yet, but you can take him on a “touching tour” of the world around him. Take his hand and let him feel all of the different textures out there: the smoothness of the window pane, the fuzziness of a stuffed animal, the roughness of the throw-rug, the coldness of the outside of your drinking glass. You can almost see the wheels turning in his mind…..

Perfect postions for pushing

These are great positions for pushing your baby out, regardless of whether you have had an epidural or not.

IMPORTANT: Just because you are fully dilated does not mean you should start pushing. In fact, pushing too early can be exhausting and even counter-productive. So unless your doctor or midwife is telling you otherwise, wait until your baby has descended through your pelvis and you feel the urge to push*. Until that point, take a break and let your body do the work for you!

*You may not feel the urge to push if you have had an epidural. If that is the case, wait to start pushing until your baby has come down.